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Ammonium chloroplatinate 16919-58-7


Product Name: Ammonium chloroplatinate

CAS: 16919-58-7

MF: Cl6Pt.2H4N

MW: 443.88

EINECS: 240-973-0

Melting point : °Cd ec.)

Density : 3.07 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Form : Powder

Color : Yellow



Appearance yellow powder
Product Name Ammonium chloroplatinate
CAS 16919-58-7
MF Cl6Pt.2H4N
MW 443.88
purity 99.9% 
Metal content 44%


Pd <0.0050 Al <0.0050
Au <0.0050 Ca <0.0050
Ag <0.0050 Cu <0.0050
Mg <0.0050 Cr <0.0050
Fe <0.0050 Zn <0.0050
Mn <0.0050 Si <0.0050
Ir <0.0050 Pb <0.0005


1. Chloroplatinic acid is mainly used in the industrial preparation of precious metal catalysts, precious metal electroplating and platinum asbestos, can also be used in the precipitation of alkaloids, and in analytical chemistry for testing potassium, ammonium plasma

2. For diamagnetic materials or semiconductors. Also used in platinum plating and preparation of sponge platinum

3. Used as analytical reagent, also used in the manufacture of platinum sea brocade


Stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse.