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Boron carbide 12069-32-8


Product Name: Boron carbide
CAS: 12069-32-8
MW: 55.25
EINECS: 235-111-5
Melting point: 2450°C
Boiling point: 3500°C
Density: 2.51 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Form: powder
Specific Gravity: 2.51
Color: Black
Merck: 14,1344


The average particle size(nm) 50 1000
Purity % >99.9 >99.9
Specific surface area (m2/g) 49 12
Volume density (g/cm3 1.18 1.56
Density (g/cm3 2.5 2.5
Appearance Dark powder
Partical Size Various particle sizes can be provided according to customer requirements


1. Nano boron carbide powder also has higher neutron absorption efficiency than micron-sized boron carbide powder, so it is widely used in nuclear industry and national defense industry;
2. The boron carbide bulletproof armor fired with nano boron carbide powder is added, the mechanical performance is greatly improved, the penetration resistance is greatly improved, and the armor protection ability is more prominent;
3. Nano boron carbide powder is not only used in refractory materials, precision measuring components, but also used in the manufacture of high-precision nozzles, sealing rings and other fine engineering ceramic products;
4. Nano boron carbide powder is a synthetic superhard material. As an abrasive, it has extremely high grinding efficiency and will not bring impurities into it. It is an ideal substitute for diamond abrasives;
5. High-grade refractory materials, fine engineering ceramics, such as high-precision nozzles, sealing rings, nuclear industry, national defense industry


This product should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool environment.

It should not be exposed to the air for a long time to prevent agglomeration due to moisture, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect.

In addition, avoid heavy pressure and do not contact with oxidants.

Transport as ordinary goods.