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China Manufacturer for Best Price Palladium Chloride Cl2pd 7647-10-1 - Palladium nitrate 10102-05-3 – Starsky


Product Name: Palladium nitrate CAS: 10102-05-3 MF: N2O6Pd MW: 230.43 EINECS: 233-265-8 Density: 1.118 g/mL at 25 °C Form: Crystals Color: Red-brown Specific Gravity: 1.118 Sensitive: Hygroscopic Merck: 13,7060


Product Name Palladium nitrate
CAS 10102-05-3
MF Pd(NO3)2
MW 230.43
Appearance Yellowish brown crystalline powder
Purity 99%
Density 1.118 g/ml
Package 10 g/bottle, 50 g/bottle, 100 g/bottle
Property It is soluble in nitric acid, water and other solvents, easily deliquescence in the air; Palladium nitrate hydrate is reddish brown liquid.


It is raw material for synthesizing various of Palladium compounds and catalysts, which is widely used to prepare Palladium plating bath.


Store in ventilated and cool warehouse.


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