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Product Name: Tazobactam acid
CAS: 89786-04-9
MF: C10H12N4O5S
MW: 300.29
EINECS: 618-303-7
Melting point: 115-145℃
Boiling point: 77℃
Density: 1.92±0.1 g/cm3(Predicted)
Fp: >110°(230°F)


Product Name Tazobactam acid
Appearance White powder
Purity ≥ 99.0%
MW 300.29
Melting point 115-145℃


1. β-lactamase inhibitor, the third-generation antibacterial potent synergist, combined with piperacillin or cefoperazone can enhance the efficacy and prolong the action time of the two


Sealed in dry,Store in freezer, under -20°C