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Excellent quality Ethyl Oxalate - Dimethyl oxalate 553-90-2 – Starsky


Product name:Dimethyl oxalate




Density:1.148 g/cm3

Melting point:50-54°C

Package:1 kg/bag, 25 kg/bag, 25 kg/drum


Items Specifications
Appearance White crystal
Purity ≥99% 
Water ≤0.5%


It can be used as intermediate of Vitamin B13 and plasticizer.


It is soluble in alcohol and ether, soluble in about 17 parts of water, decomposed in hot water.


Storage precautions Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. 
Keep away from fire and heat sources. 
The package is sealed. It should be stored separately from oxidants, reducing agents, acids, alkalis, and edible chemicals, and avoid mixed storage. 
Equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment. 
The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.


1. Chemical properties: It can be decomposed into oxalic acid and methanol when heated in hot water or sodium hydroxide solution. It reacts with ammonia to generate methyl amide formate or oxalamide.
2. Stability and stability
3. Incompatible materials Acids, alkalis, strong oxidants, strong reducing agents
4. Conditions to avoid contact with heat
5. Polymerization hazards, no polymerization