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Factory supplier Melatonine CAS 73-31-4


Product Name: Melatonine

CAS: 73-31-4

MF: C13H16N2O2

MW: 232.28

EINECS: 200-797-7

Melting point: 116.5-118 °C (lit.)

Boiling point: 374.44°C (rough estimate)

Density: 1.1099 (rough estimate)

Fp: 9℃

Storage temp: -20°C

Form: Powder

Color: white to off-white

Merck: 14,5816

BRN: 205542


Product name Melatonine
CAS No. 73-31-4
Batch No. 2021051101 Quantity 2000 kg
Manufacturing date May.11, 2021 Testing date  May.11, 2021
Inspection items Specifications Results
Appearance Off-White to White Crystalline Powder conform
Assay (HPLC Melatonin ) ≥99.5% 99.56%
HPLC Impurities ≤1.0% Not  detected
Heavy Metals
As ≤ 0.3 ppm 0.2 ppm
Pb ≤ 0.3 ppm 0.2 ppm
Cd ≤ 0.3 ppm negative
Hg ≤ 0.1 ppm negative
Sum ≤ 1 ppm 0.4 ppm
Arsenic ≤ 1 ppm Complies
Loss on drying ≤0.2% 0.05%
Melting Point 117-119°C 117-118°C
Bulk Density g/ml 0.44 g/ml
Tap Density g/ml 0.62 g/ml
Particle Size 100% pass 80 mesh Complies
Residual Solvents
 Ethyl Acetate  Absent  Absent
Acetic Acid Absent Absent
Ethanol ≤ 500 ppm 194 ppm
Microbiological Analysis
Total Plate Counts ≤ 1000 cfu/g 21cfu/g
Yeast and Mold ≤ 100 cfu/g Negative
E.Coli Negative Negative
Staphylococcus Negative Negative
Salmonella Negative Negative


1. Hormone postulated to mediate photoperiodicity in mammals. Inhibits cerebellar nitric oxide synthetase

2. Melatonine can be used in sleep induction, modifies circadian rhythm, antioxidant, free radical scavenger

3. Immunostimulant;Melatonin receptor ligand

4. Melatonin has complex effects on apoptotic pathways, inhibiting apoptosis in immune cells and neurons but enhancing apoptotic cell death of cancer cells. Inhibits proliferation/metastasis of breast cancer cells by inhibiting estrogen receptor action.


Stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse.