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Niobium 7440-03-1


Product Name: NIOBIUM

CAS: 7440-03-1

MF: Nb

MW: 92.91

EINECS: 231-113-5

Melting point:2468 °C(lit.)

Boiling point:4742 °C(lit.)

Density:8.57 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Storage temp:-20°C



Specific Gravity:8.57


Product Name: NIOBIUM
CAS: 7440-03-1
Melting point 2468 °C(lit.)
purity 99.99%
Boiling point 4742 °C(lit.)
appearance gray powder


1. Money: On coins, gold and silver and ultrafine niobium  nanopowder are sometimes used together as a precious metal in the coins

2. Super alloys: a large portion of niobium to pure metal form or in the form of high-purity niobium and niobium iron-nickel alloy, used in the production of nickel, chromium and iron-base super alloys world. These alloys can be used in jet engines, gas turbine engines, rocket components, turbochargers and heat of combustion equipment;

3. Steel Application: in various micro-alloying elements in steel, niobium waste is the most effective micro-alloying elements, niobium role is so great that the iron atoms are rich in niobium atom, we can achieve performance improvements Steel purposes. Actually Steel added 0.001% -0.1% niobium, is enough to change the mechanical properties of steel;


Put it in a tightly sealed container and store in a cool, dry place.


It is stable at room temperature in the air, and begins to oxidize at 200°C to form a dense oxide film.

Avoid oxides, alkalis, and halogens. Niobium has strong corrosion resistance to acid.