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Ordinary Discount Hot Sales Phloroglucinol Dihydrate 6099-90-7 - Levamisole hydrochloride 16595-80-5 – Starsky


Product name: Levamisole hydrochloride

Purity: 98.5-101%

CAS: 16595-80-5

MF: C11H13ClN2S

MW: 240.75

EINECS: 240-654-6

Melting point: 59℃

Water solubility: 200 g/L

HS code: 2934999000

Package: 1 kg/bag, 25 kg/drum


Items Specifications
Appearance White to grey white crystalline powder
Purity 98.5-101%
Absorbance ≤0.2
Loss on drying ≤0.2%
Ash content of sulfuric acid ≤0.1%
Specific rotation ≥121.5°
Odor no odor or almost no odor
6-Phenyl-2-dihydroimidazo[2,1-b]thiazole ≤0.5%


It is highly efficient broad-spectrum vermifuge, which is mainly used in ascariasis, ancylostomiasis and filariasis.


1 kg/bag or 25 kg/drum or 50 kg/drum or according to customers' requirement.


Delivery Time


1,The quantity: 1-1000 kg, within 3 working days after get payments


2,The quantity:Above 1000 kg, Within 2 weeks after get payments. 


1. Precautions for safe handling

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid formation of dust and aerosols.

Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation at places where dust is formed.

2. Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities

Store in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.

Recommended storage temperature 2 - 8 °C