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PriceList for Dimethyl Adipate 627-93-0 - Eugenol 97-53-0 – Starsky


Product name:Eugenol




Density:1.067 g/ml

Melting point:-10°C

Boiling point:254°C

Package:1 L/bottle, 25 L/drum, 200 L/drum


Items Specifications
Appearance Colorless or yellowish liquid
Purity ≥99%
Color(APHA) ≤30
Acidity(mgKOH/g) ≤0.2
Water ≤0.5%



1.It is used in perfumes, flavors and fragrances..

2.It can be used as local anesthesia and sterilization in medicine.

3.In the field of dentistry, it can be used for dental restoration and denture.

4.It can be made into stabilizer or antioxidant and used in plastics and rubber.

5.Isoeugenol was prepared by isomerization and used to synthesize vanillin.


The brown glass bottle is lightly sealed and packaged. 
Store in a cool, dark place.


1. Avoid contact with oxides.
2. Colorless to light yellow liquid. Rich caramel sweet aroma. The color becomes brown and black after being stored for a long time and in contact with the air.
3. Exist in oriental tobacco leaves and smoke.
4. Exist in clove oil, cinnamon leaf oil, cinnamon bark oil, camphor oil, nutmeg oil, etc.

Delivery Time

1,The quantity: 1-1000 kg, within 3 working days after get payments

2,The quantity:Above 1000 kg, Within 2 weeks after get payments.